CHRF UK is a charity (registration No 1138753) founded by a group of volunteers,
soon after the war that ended in 2009 in Srilanka.

Our Mission

Children's Hunger Relief Fund UK is a non- profit Organisation with a mission to connect people through lending our services to alleviate poverty and empower people affected by internal conflict in North and East part of Sri Lanka.

We aim to achieve this by helping widows with children, parents who are disabled and families with children living below poverty line, with suitable livelihood projects, to enable them to be self-sufficient and to be able to look after their children.

Our Vision

CHRF-UK is a non –profitable organisation with a mission to connect people through lending our services to alleviate poverty caused by internal conflict. We value family, education, a strong work ethic and success. Hunger is an enemy to this. Eradicating hunger in order to allow children to succeed in their education is our vision.

Our History

Having been founded in 2009, with the humble ambition of providing milk, food, clothing and help with education to the families and children affected by the war, we quickly expanded to encourage families to do self-earning projects. Over the last 6 years, we have grown from providing milk powder to building water facilities, aiding in the construction of wards in a hospital and now helping disabled people with their livelihood projects. 

The objectives and underlying principles of our work are to promote and provide the primary benefit to the wider public including the relief of hunger, advancement of education and improved sanitation facilities for the orphans and poor children in North and East of Srilanka. By providing these facilities we aim to meet the beneficiaries’ needs so that they can have a stable foundation in which to grow up in and become fully functional members of their community in Sri Lanka. 

What We Do?

Relief of the sick, the poor and the needy children whose parents are either widows or disabled and to organise projects to alleviate the sufferings of the above people.

  • Our aim is to make the parents self-sufficient, by guiding and financially supporting them to do suitable livelihood projects, according to their ability, disability, experience they had prior to the injury and to look after the children.
  • Construction of wells to enable the disabled people to have access to water and to enable them to do the livelihood projects successfully.
  • Commuting is one of the major problem for the disabled people who mainly lives in rural villages without access to public transport. We aim to provide suitable vehicles to enable them to commute and earn an income.
  • Providing water by constructing wells. Promoting good health (constructing wards) and sanitation among the poor and needy children and providing facilities and assistance for the same.
  • Support existing orphanages.
  • Humanitarian assistance to the families, where the parents are unable to earn an income by providing the basic needs for their children such as food, clothing and education.
  • Promoting good health and sanitation among the poor and needy children and providing facilities and assistance for the same
  • Sponsoring the needy and poor children for them to pursue their higher education and vocational training programs.

Our Future Plans

  • Continue to construct new and old wells for the disabled people, widows, and families living below the poverty line with children.
  • Continue the livelihood activities and to educate and train the people to set up their own businesses. Provide vocational training within the resources available.
  • Provide appropriate mobility aids to the disabled people to improve their mobility and to earn an income.
  • Assistance to the needy children who are entering the University to pursue higher education.
  • To continue with providing the food for poor children.
  • Provide assistance to the orphanages as and when necessary.