Successful cultivation after constructing well

A fisherman who is an amputee was given a theppam (fishing boat) and nets for fishing

10 fishermen were given the above items in Mullaitivu district organised by Mr Vethanayagan GA Mullaitivu district

Amputees and paraplegics were given 3-wheel motor bikes and safari motor bikes to enable them to earn an income

Showing some of our activities in 2016

Construction of common wells and wells in schools and villages. Video showing the school principal, villager and ADS MR Ayakulan speaking

Many disabled people were helped to set up shops. Video shows one such shop

CHRF-UK Chair- person visited about 100 amputees and paraplegics in Srilanka in 2016

Kanagasuntharam is a paraplegic. He was given a 3-wheel motor bike and helped him to construct a well. Total cost about £2,000.00.00

video showing a widow speaking and her shop

Sathasivam Mahadevan is an above knee amputee. A keen farmer. He was given a 3-wheel motor bike to enable him to take vegetables and fruits to market and sell

More disabled people were given 3-wheel motor bike and motor bike to do business mainly selling seasonal vegetables, fruits, fish etc

A woman was thanking for constructing a common well in their village

CHRF-UK contributed £30,000.00 towards constructing a children’s ward, a male and a corridor in Puthukkudiyirupu hospital

Benificiery video

Udavithittam Mullaitheevu