Brief Summary of our activities since 2009:

Distribution of new clothes

Large consignments of clothes shipped every 2 months initially and distributed in various orphanages, people in the camps and to the families in 41 Grama Sevaka divisions in Mullaitivu district by the Sai Centre Thannyootu Mulliyavalai.

Dry Food

Provided dry food for the infants/families in the very remote villages in Nedunkerny /Vavunia district – £500.00

Humanitarian help

Soon after the war in May 2009, few friends and families helped the people in the camps, hospitals, orphanages and internally displaced people through local charities and officials by providing food, clothing, medical care, basic aids and finance. Total amount spent till Dec 2009 about £11,000.00.

Mid-day meal

Provided mid-day meal daily for the students at Vidyanantha college in Mullaitivu district£250.00 per month) from Dec 2010. This college was destroyed and many children attending this school lost either one or both parents/ relatives and belongings in the war.

Milk Powder for mal nourished infant

In June 2010, we started providing, milk powder in Nedunkerny (£750.00) and Mullaitivu district (£1500.00) for the malnourished infants every month. Nearly 600 infants in 41 GS divisions in Mullaitivu benefitted from this project.


Financial support was given to 15 students. £20.00 per month.

Bicycles for students:

Provided 15 bicycles to students who are poor / disabled, to enable them to attend school in Vavunia and Mullaitivu district.

Emergency Medical care

Financial support was given to families for their medical care through Sai Centre Thanyootu. Between £20- £50.00 per family.

Flood Relief Batticaloa

Donated £1000.00 towards flood relief through Rotatory Club Mullaitivu.

Livelihood projects for widows

20 widows with children in Mullaitivu district were financially supported to start livelihood projects such as poultry, raring cows, goats, tailoring, small business, cottage industry at a cost of £150-£250.00.

Mid-day meal

Mid-day meal was given to about 750 students at Vidyanantha college. School attendance increased since started giving mid-day meal.

Milk powder

Provided milk powder for the malnourished infants in Mullaitivu district. £1500.00 per month.

Nearly New clothes

Shipped nearly new clothes and distributed in various villages in Mullaitivu district, every 2 to 3 months.

Special meal at Arulaham

Special meal was given on weekends till Dec 2010 at Arulaham.But now giving special meal only on our special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. This is to give priority to the people who were resettling from the camps.

Constructed public tube wells

Constructed 2 tube wells for the public in Thanyootu and Neelakandapuram.


1.Financial support was given to about 50 students between £5.00-£25.00 per student per month.

2.Foot wear:

Provided footwear to the students living below poverty level, in 3 schools in Mullaitivu district. This was requested by the school principals. Total cost of this project was about £1000.00 (July 2012).

Emergency medical care

Financial support for medical purpose given as and when necessary.

Flood Relief Amparai

Donated £1000.00 again towards flood relief through Rotary club Mullaitivu.

Livelihood projects for the widows

Continued with livelihood projects for nearly 70 families since 2011 in Mullaitivu district

Livelihood projects at Maraillupai in Vavunia North for the widows:

Started livelihood projects, such as poultry, livestock’s and cultivation in Maraillupai, Nedunkerny for 10 widows.

Mid-day meal

Mid-day meal was given to about 1000 students at Vidyanantha college.

Milk Powder

Distributed milk powder for the malnourished infants in Mullaitivu district. £1500.00 per month.

Motor bike for a disabled man

A disabled man was given a motor bike to travel around and sell coconuts in Nainamadu Vavunia North.

New clothes

Provided new clothes to all the children in a poor village in Mullaitivu district for Tamil New Year 2012. (£500.00)

New clothes and dry rations

New clothes for all the children and dry rations for 73 families were issued for new year April 2012 at Neelakandapuram village.

Shipped nearly new cloths and distributed in various villages in Mullaitivu district every 2-3 months

Orphanages and Homes

1.Annai Illam Mannar:Provided new casual clothes, nearly new clothes, school uniforms and other basic items for the children at Annai Illam Mannar.

2.Mahadeva Ashram Kilinotchi:Provided food, cloths and televisions for the children at Mahadeva Ashram Kilinotchi.

3.Ananatha Illam Manipuram Vavunia: Financial assistance given to the women at Anantha illam, a home for the mentally challenged women, for the maintenance of the inmates. £600.00 per month

4.New Dress: We also donated 50 new dresses for all the inmates at the above home

Renovation of a building

A member donated £3000.00 to refurbish a building which was damaged and neglected during the war. This building is now used for various activities such as medical camps, sewing centre, distribution of cloths milk powder and human value lessons for children.

School Uniforms

Sent money to provide school uniform for about 35 students in an orphanage (Sai Siruvar illam) in Vavunia.

Sewing Centre

Started a sewing Centre at Thannyootu Sai Centre and gave free training in tailoring for 40 widows.

Special meal for children & elders

Special meal was given at Arulaham on our children birthdays and anniversaries.

Well construction for the widows

Well construction for the widows in Maraillupai

During our visit to assess the families for suitable livelihood projects, we realized that 8 families out of 10 didn’t have access to water and hence they could not do any cultivation.

So, we started constructing wells for the 8 widows. But managed to construct 36 wells in 2012 with the generous donation from the well-wishers. We also financially supported the beneficiaries with cultivation and other livelihood projects.

Attaching 2 reports done for a charity called ONE KIND ACT, who donated £5,000.00 to construct wells for the disabled people. We managed to construct wells for 9 amputees and 1 paraplegic in various parts of Vanni. We visited most of the beneficiaries before and during construction and some photos are attached. More wells for amputees are under construction now.

Construction of wells is a difficult task, especially when the beneficiaries are from separate villages. Cost of construction depends on the width, depth, type of soil and also whether the job is contracted or beneficiaries contributed towards the labour. Moreover, some locations had higher labour costs than others. Therefore, predicting exact costs proved to be a challenging task.

In 2012, when we started constructing wells, we constructed the associated facilities such as water trough to store water, concrete floor to stand and draw water or to have bath and a pulley system to draw water. It costed a fortune, about £1000.00- £1500.00 per well. Since many thousands are in need of well/ water, we are now, excavating as far as reaching the water level, constructing parapet walls for protection of the well from ruining and rubbish falling into the wells during flooding, and people accidentally falling into the wells and plastering inside and outside for protection. Below is a such completed well.

We now expect the beneficiaries to do the associated facilities, so that we can construct wells for more people.

Since 2012, CHRF-UK has constructed approximately 700 wells. Lyca Mobile contributed for 100 wells in 2014. During our visit to Sri-Lanka in 2016, we witnessed numerous successful cultivation work by our beneficiaries, marketing their produce and looking after their children. Even though well construction is an expensive project, it is vital that we continue doing it since water is a basic human right, it is a lifelong investment and enabling the families to be self-sufficient.

Read our Handing over ceremony of well projects


  • Financial support given monthly to 63 students in Thannyootu Mulliyawalai through Thannyootu Sai centre. Between £5.00- £25.00 per child per month).
  • Financial support given monthly to 7 children (orphans) in Puthukkudiyirupu through Mullaitivu Kachcheri Educational Trust Fund. (£5.00- £25.00 per child per month).
  • Financial support given monthly to 20 University students through Mullaitivu Kachcheri Educational Trust Fund. (£15.00 per student per month).
  • Provided books, stationeries, bicycles etc to the children in 4 schools in Sampoor Trincomalee through Rotary Club Kalmunai. (£1000.00).
  • Provided bicycles to students who are poor / disabled, to enable them to attend school in Vavunia and Mullaitivu district.
  • There were many schools and preschools without access to drinking water and the children have to walk far to get water. We managed to construct common wells in some of the schools and preschools in vavunia North. And the children can access water now for drinking.
  • Financial support given to 2 volunteer teachers for Maths and English in Maraillupai/ Nedunkerny where they could not employ anyone due to problem with commuting and lack of accommodation in this village.

Livelihood Projects

Aim of our charity now is to make the families with the children who were affected by the war to become self-sufficient. With this in mind we are encouraging the families to do various livelihood projects. A total of 125 families were supported with various livelihood projects

  • Dry Fish: 10 widows in Vetrilaikerny were given £3,000.00 towards purchasing fish, dry them, marketing and to enable them to earn a living.
  • Theppam and nets /Fishing boat: were given to 10 fishermen in Mullaitivu district to improve their livelihood at a cost of £3,000.00
  • 15 families who were receiving milk powder were given £300.00 per family to do various livelihood projects in Mullaitivu district. Aim is to support 50 families who receives milk powder with various livelihood projects.
  • Financial support given to 30 beneficiaries of wells with cultivation and poultry to enhance their income.
  • People from Puthukkudiyirupu were resettled in 2012, after being in the camps for nearly 3years. There were many children who lost both parents, young widows with children and families who lost everything. We had a request to help these families and children with education and daily living. We helped 30 widows with livelihood projects at a cost of £3,000.00. helped the children with education which is ongoing. Helped 6 families with wells and 5 children were given bicycles.
  • A paraplegic was helped to construct a well and he was also financially supported for a few months.

Milk Powder

Provided milk powder for under nourished infants under 2 years old, in Mullaitivu district through Thannyootu Sai centre and in Nedunkerny Vavunia District through Nedunkerny Kachcheri since June 2010. Now we are providing milk powder to the very needy children and encouraging the parents to be self-sufficient by financially supporting to do suitable livelihood projects.

50 families who were receiving milk powder were chosen by Mullaitivu Kachcheri and in the process of helping them with various livelihood projects.

Other Support

  • 20 students were given bicycles in various parts of Mulaitivu and Nedunkerny Financial support was given to a family while the son was doing a wiring course. After the completion, we supported financially to purchase the necessary tools to do his apprenticeship.
  • £750.00 was sent monthly for 5 months to Ananthaillam in Vavunia where mentally disturbed women were looked after.
  • Bed and mattress: was donated to a disabled person after his discharge from the hospital, by one of our member in Puthukkudiyiruppu.

Promoting good health

  • Financial support is given towards medical care as and when necessary.
  • Supporting another charity (Assist RR) to construct a children’s ward in a hospital in Puthukkudiyiruppu which was completely destroyed during the war in 2009. Children were admitted with adults and there is a chance of children getting infections from the adults. So, there was an urgent need for a children’s ward to keep the children separately from the adults and to stop them from getting infections. This ward is almost completed and will be opened in a couple of weeks’ time. This children ward will also give easy access for the local children and they have a place to stay in and have treatment when they are ill.


  • Nearly new clothes distributed periodically from March 2010 – November 2012. Now we are supporting another charity to send nearly new cloths to the people in the camps in Sampoor in Trincomalee.
  • Provided uniforms for the children in Mullivaikal Mahavidyalayam.

Sewing Centre/Vocational Training:

  • A Sewing centre was started in January 2012, by the Sai centre in Thannyootu/ Mullaitivu District, to enable young widows and girls to learn sewing. About 40 ladies completed the training between 2012 and 2013. 20 ladies who were in the 1st batch were awarded sewing machines. Some ladies have started a garment centre in the same place, some are doing tailoring at their own houses, and some others are working in various garment factories in Vavunia for monthly salary. These ladies are earning a regular income and are able to look after their children. I was told that the remaining girls are waiting to join a garment centre in Mullaitivu which is expected to function in 3-4 months’ time. Aim is to expand the sewing centre and improve the livelihood of the women with children.

Special Meal

Providing meals on special days and as and when necessary to the children in the following homes.

  • Arulaham (Vavunia), Bharathy Illam (Mulliyawalai Mullaitivu), Anpu illam (Odduchuddan), Siruvar Illam (Vavunia).
  • Provided midday meal, daily for about 1000 students at Vidyanantha College Mulliyawalai, since December 2010 till December 2013. It was stopped at the request of the school principal as the families are more settled now and they are in a position to feed their children.
  • We also provide meals and dry food, at various places in Mullaitivu district and Vavunia district.


During our assessment to do self-earning projects in 2012, we realised that majority of the families in Nedunkerny and other villages were farmers and they didn’t have water/ wells for their day to day life and for farming /cultivation.

Water is essential to life, health and dignity and is therefore a basic human right. More specifically for hygiene purposes, combating diseases such as diarrhoea, dehydration and infections and food cultivation to support their families and children. Based on this, we managed to construct wells for women headed families with children in most of these areas. Objective of providing well is to ensure vulnerable target groups have sufficient water for sustainability, give them confidence and encouragement to get involved in the cultivation and home gardening, which shall ensure the food security, enhance nutritional condition, and also to strengthen their income level, and also safety and security of the children and womanhood in the respective villages.

Since we came to know about the water shortage in 2012, we have constructed 77 new open dug well, 2 tube wells, and refurbished 34 old wells in Nedunkerny, Mullaitivu and Puthukkudiyirupu.

Following the construction of the wells in 2012 and 2013 most of the families are successfully doing various cultivation, earning an income by marketing their produce and looking after their children.

Construction of children’s ward

Supporting another charity (Assist RR) to construct a children’s ward at Puthukkudiyirupu hospital which was completely destroyed during the war in 2009. Children were admitted with adults and there is a chance of children getting infections from the adults. So, there was an urgent need for a children’s ward to keep the children separately from the adults and to stop them from getting infections. This ward is almost completed and will be opened in a couple of weeks’ time. Contributed £15,500.00 towards the construction.

Construction of Wells 2014

With the generous donation from Gnanam Foundation/Lyca Mobile, CHRF-UK managed to construct 40 new wells, renovated 49 old wells and deepened 11 dried up wells in various parts of Mullaitivu and Vavunia district. We also managed to construct 10 more new wells, renovate 13 old wells. Our sincere thanks go to Gnanam Foundation (Lyca Mobile) who donated £72,500.00 for the 100 well projects in 2014. People are very successfully doing various cultivation.

Wells Deepening: 2014

Due to severe drought in the North, majority of the wells were dried up and the farmers were struggling to safe the crops from dying. An urgent request was made by Nedunkerny Kachcheri to deepen the wells, to enable the farmers to continue with the cultivation. CHRF/UK responded immediately and agreed to deepen 100 wells at a cost of Rs40,000.00 per well.  But we managed to deepen about 153 wells.  130 wells by   Nedunkerny Kachcheri, 10 wells by Valarmathy Niraivalvaham and 13 by Thannyotu Sai Centre. All the beneficiaries are keen farmers. And they continued their cultivation successfully.

Education & Vocational Training

  • Financial support given monthly to 63 students in Thannyootu Mulliyawalai through Thannyootu Sai Centre, between £5.00 and £25.00
  • Financial support given monthly to 7 children’s (orphans) in Puthukkudiyirupu through Mullaitivu Kachcheri Educational Trust Fund. £10.00 per month.
  • Financial support given monthly to 20 University students through Mullaitivu Kachcheri Educational Trust Fund. £15.00 per month.
  • Provided books, stationeries and bicycles to the children in 4 schools in Sampoor Trincomalee through Rotary Club Kalmunai.

School Uniforms:

  • Uniforms and casual clothes stitched at the garment centre run by SaiCentre Thannyootu and distributed to Bharathy illam and Mullivaikal Mahavidyalayam.

Flood Relief 2014/2015

CHRF UK sent £2108.00 to Mullaitivu Kachcheri to purchase dry food and to distribute in the affected villages. We also sent £500.00 to Kilivetti (Trincomalee) Sai Centre to purchase dry food (rice, flour, sugar milk powder and dhall) and to distributed to 84 families

Livelihood projects

Continued with various livelihood projects in Nedunkerny, Puthukkudiyirupu and Mullaitivu district.

Annathanam/meal for children

Annathanam/meal for children

Special meals given to under privileged children on our special days such as birthday’s, and anniversaries at a cost of about £100.00.

Saththuma/Nutritious flour

  • Saththuma was given daily to 178 preschool children in the rural villages in the Mullaitivu district in 2015 for a short period. The flour was purchased from a factory owned by Sivan Arul Illam and run by the widows. Aim is to enhance the income of the widows, in addition to feeding the mal nourished children.
  • Financially supported 100 undernourished students in Ootupulam primary school Kilinotchi to provide Nutritious flour (Saththuma) through Sivan Arul Illam. Total cost for one year was nearly £3000.00. The flour is produced at the factory run by Sivan Arul Illam in Kilinotchi.

Construction of wells

Construction of wells

Open dug wells in Mullaitivu district:
  • Started constructing 20 wells in various places in Mullaitivu district at a cost of £1000.00 per well. (Balance contributed by the Beneficiaries). But stopped due to bad weather. All the wells are completed in 2016.
New wells and old wells in Vithiyapuram Odduchuddan:
  • With a view to develop this new village we started constructing 10 new wells and 20 old wells for farming in this village. Completed in 2016.
Common well in Ponnagar Kilinotchi:
  • This well is used by 40 families and there is not enough water for all the 40 families. This well was deepened and a tube well was installed inside the well to enable all the 40 families to have water all year round at a cost of Rs100, 000.00. (£500.00).
Common/Public wells in schools and public places
  • Constructed a tube well at Karrupukkuthy Vidyalayam in Kanagarajankulam Vavunia in 2015. This school didn’t have drinking water or electricity connection since they reopened the school, after the war in 2009. A member donated the money for the well and electricity connection as a remembrance for their parent’s death anniversaries.

Donating Clothes

Donating Clothes

  • 5 boxes of nearly new clothes were sent in November 2015 to Mu/ Rotary club. These cloths were distributed to the needy people mainly in Sampoor/ Trincomalee.



University Students: Mullaitivu:
  • Sponsored 49 University students at a cost of Rs2500.00 per student per month from January 2015 through Mullaitivu Kachcheri for one year. 20 students from last year’s list and 29 from this year.
University Students Chettikulam:
  • Sponsored 17 students from poor families in Chetikulam through Chetikulam Kachcheri from June 2015 at a cost of Rs5, 000.00 for students attending Peredeniya and Colombo Universities and Rs3000.00 for the students who were attending other Universities for one year.
Math’s Tuition in Chettikulam:
  • In these rural villages, there are no teachers for science and English. Standard of maths is very poor and if the children don’t get a pass in maths in their O level, they cannot pursue higher education. At the request of the DS Chettikulam Kachcheri, we conducted after school math’s classes in 8 schools in this district for one year, at a cost of Rs32, 000.00 per month as salary for 8 teachers.
Tuition for Math’s and English:
  • Helping 4 children who lost their parents in the war in Puthukkudiyirupu, with extra tuition, sponsored by individual members.
  • 3 children will be sent to schools in Jaffna from January. The sponsor will cover the full cost including tuition and the hostel fees.

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

  • Following the above disaster, CHRF/UK managed to appeal and collect £7200.00 and sent it to Sai Centre in Nepal and the relief work was carried out by the Sai centre. Enfield Nagapoosani Amman Temple (£1243.00) and Manithaneyam (£1500.00) contributed towards this project.

New Children’s ward

Children’s ward and male ward at Puthukkudiyirupu hospital

  • CHRF/UK contributed £15,500.00 towards constructing the children’s ward and a corridor which is connecting the outpatient department and the wards. It was officially declared open on the 05/03/2015 but was functioning from 04/12/2014. On this day they laid the foundation for the construction of the male ward for which CHRF-UK contributed £15,000.00. It is now completed and officially opened on 18/04/2016.

Other projects

Children’s Hospice in Barnet (Noah’s Ark Hospice): Donated £1000.00 to this hospice in Dec2015.

Short term crops for farmers

Giving Short term crops for farmers

  • 48 families were given Rs15, 000 each to do, mung dhall and other short term crops through Federation of Thrift and Credit Co-Operative Societies Unions in Northern Province in Dec 2015. This is a revolving fund. Farmers are expected to return the money after a certain period and this money will be used again for other farmers.

Aiding Disabled People

Aiding Disabled people

  • Basic items such as crutches for 100 people (70 donated by another organization),100 beds, (£30.00 per bed),temporary commodes were issued to the needy between April and Dec 2016.
  • 35 year old, married with 2 children lives in Mallakam camp for many years. His left leg is amputated wearing an artificial leg and the right leg is injured and it is fitted with an antenna. He was admitted to Vavunia hospital for an operation with an infected wound and he is now fitted with an antenna. He needs to pay a deposit of £500.00 to the hospital to be discharged, as a guarantee that he will return the antenna to the hospital once the wound is healed. Following verification from the doctor Mr.Kugenthiran who is also in hospital following an accident, visit by one of our trustees we have agreed to pay the money and it will be returned to CHRFUK/Rotary club once he returned the antenna. Dec 2016.
  • Helping another amputee whose other leg also badly damaged and the chances to work is very limited. He wants to buy an Auto and earn. He needs £1000.00 to pay as deposit to buy an Auto on lease. Following verification and visiting him, we have agreed to pay £1000.00, part of it on loan.Dec 2016.
  • A disabled man is running a little shop (vethilai kadai) in Puthukkudiyirupu market. He has requested us for a loan of £1000.00 to improve the business by purchasing more goods. We have agreed to give him £250.00 to start with. His business improvement will be monitored for 6 months and further financial support will be provided at the end of 6 months.
  • £250.00 was given to a disabled man with children, in Puthukudiyirupu to buy goats. His wife will rare them and earn an income. Dec 2016.
  • A young mother amputee with 3 children, husband missing, was helped with cultivation in Omanthai. £375.00

Building for the disabled

Building for disabled people

  • A member donated £5,000.00 to construct a building in Thunnukkai Mullaitivu district for the disabled widows to do tailoring, photography, packing and selling chili powder, flour, etc. It was organized by an Organisation called Olirum Vaalvu, which is run by disabled people. They help other disabled people. Construction is underway.

Construction of new Wells

Construction of new wells

  • Constructed a common well in Vithiyapuram from the donation of £1000.00 from a member
  • Constructed a well at a school in Vetrilaikerny in Vadamaradchy. £230.00.
  • This year we have constructed 45 wells.35 for the disabled people and 10 for widows
  • We also completed the wells in Vithiyapuram and Kokulai kokuthoduvai which we started in 2015. It was stopped due to rain. Still constructing more wells.

Donating Clothes

Donating Clothes

  • Boxes of nearly new cloths and material sent to Rotary Club Mullaitivu and distributed amongst the needy in Vanni.
  • 700 new sarees donated by a member were distributed to the disabled people and widows during our visit in April and August 2016.

Giving Financial support

We met a mother who has a child with special need requirement and she helps in the special need school. She is living below poverty line and at the recommendation of the school head we are giving her £25.00 monthly for the child’s educational expenses.

Another lady, living below poverty line is paid £50.00 per month to do our admin work, field visit, taking photos and videos etc.

Helping widows

Helping Widows

  • 10 families living below poverty line in Maanthai East were given cows, poultry, water pumps and help with cultivation. It was done through Smile Foundation. Total cost £1,425.00.
  • 2 widows were given cows to enhance their income in Jaffna. £800.00 for the 2 cows.
  • Goats were given to another family, main bread winner is disabled in Puthukkudiyirupu.£250.00
  • A widow who is an amputee with 3 children was given a motor bike to enable her to travel a long way and do gardening job. Bicycle was given to her daughter to commute to school and we also helped her with the renovation of the well and kitchen following our visit in April and August 2016 and recommendation from the local officials. Total cost was about £1000.00.

Mobility aids for amputees

Mobility aids for amputees

  • 7 amputees and one paraplegic were given 3 wheel motor bikes which have a carrier at the back and can carry about 300Kg to enable them to do business mainly selling fish, vegetables, fruits etc. The vehicle gave them immediate freedom to travel and enabled them to earn almost immediately. Cost of the vehicle £1150.00. (June 2016). Photo of all the vehicles.
  • A young paraplegic was supported by a donor from UK by giving £1000.00 to pay the lease for his 3 wheel motor bike. He sells ice cream, fruits, fish etc and earns an income.
  • Safari motor bikes were given to 4 above knee amputees to enable them to travel to work, college and for their daily activities. One amputee is a fishing boat repairer. He travels around the country and repair boats before losing the leg. He could not go far carrying all his tools in his bicycle. Since we gave him the motor bike he is working as before and earning an income. The money is on loan. Cost £750.00 per bike.
  • Bicycles for 17 children whose parents are paralyzed or disabled (already mentioned under education) and 5 bicycles for adults for daily travelling. Image paraplegic
  • Safari motor bikes were given to 4 above knee amputees to enable them to travel to work, college and for their daily activities. One amputee is a fishing boat repairer. He travels around the country and repair boats before losing the leg. He could not go far carrying all his tools in his bicycle. Since we gave him the motor bike he is working as before and earning an income. The money is on loan. Cost £750.00 per bike.
  • Bicycles for 17 children whose parents are paralyzed or disabled (already mentioned under education) and 5 bicycles for adults for daily travelling. Image paraplegic.
  • 7 Water pumps given to amputees and paraplegics to enable them to draw water for cultivation easily. £200.00 June – November 2016.
  • Shops for 2 amputees with children. About £1000.00 for both, partly on loan.

Offering Education to students

Offering Education to students

  • Helping 75 University students in Mullaitivi District. £15.00 per student per month.
  • 17 bicycles to children whose parents are paralysed,in and around North and East of Srilanka to enable them to commute to school
  • 15 bicycles to children living below poverty line in Thunnukkai and Mallavi.
  • 5 bicycles to children living below poverty line in schools in Palai Jaffna.
  • Clothes donated to students at Sivapathakalayaga school, Ponnagar Kilinotchi.
  • £1000.00 given on loan to a medical student to complete his studies. A member donated this money.

Oil Mill in Vattapalai Mullaitivu

Coconut Oil Mill in Vattapalai Mullaitivu district

  • We are working closely with Rotary Club Mullaitivu, and an organization in Australia (who constructed the building) with the above project.They are already producing oil but not marketing yet. Aim is to sell the oil and the byproducts and give job opportunity for more widows.

Residential Mobile Training

Residential Mobile Training for 10 paraplegics.

  • The mobile training course was organized by Smile foundation/Rotary Club Mullaitivu, funded by an organization in Canada. We helped them with a mobile phone kit, books, board games, fans, beds, adaptation of the toilet to suit the paraplegics and English class. Now the course is finished and they are working independently. A bout £1000.00 April 2016.



  • It is a hospital for people with spinal cord injury. Various items such as laptop, fans, wheelchair, and cloths were given to some of the patients when we visited them. We had many more request from them but not fulfilled due to financial shortage.
  • One paraplegic with children was admitted to Vaikarai Hospital with pressure sores and he could not pay the lease for the Auto which he uses to earn an income. At his request and staffs recommendation, we paid the lease for 3 months and also changed the seat cushion in his Auto with pressure relief cushion to prevent further pressure sores.